This Was Sooo Amazing

That I Had 2 Cosign It On My Own Blog....

Hope U Dont Mind Marley!!

like everybody passing on the street
is doing too much, or trying too hard to be real. 

We live our life like somebody's judgment is going to make or break us. 
We act like it really matters what others think of us. 

We talk a certain way, or dress in a certain manner so others will look up to us or think highly of us. 
What amazes me the most, is that all the things were worried about people judging us about is physical...

Physical things that hold no weight in the entire aspect of 'life'.
Life is so much more deeper than blazers and ray bans. 
It's funny that we have to see somebody's 'dopeness' to realize that it's there. 

The heart and soul of people don't even count any more. 
An educated conversation is no longer encouraged, neither is the avocation of self esteem. 

In the end, we put all of this work and drive into our lives to please some one else, usually that some one else being who we think we are.

Round Of Applause Please!!!!!

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