if you have a vag...

Obey-The Amethyst Forest Ring in Antique Silver
Obey-The Native Tank in RedObey-The Native Tank in Red
Obey-The Wine Stain DressObey-The Wine Stain Dress
Obey-The White Oak BlouseObey-The White Oak Blouse
Obey-The Night Sail Trench

(that wine stain dress is LOVE)


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damn shame how it as if id never been here at all. nik the [zombie] weeps.

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Kayo Corp Is Killin It

Shout Out 2 My Nigga Ryan Gallant With His First Expidition Promodel

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I Am Completly Blown Away By What Is Infront Of My Face
Artist "Hiroshi" Has Created A Gallery Of His Own Works In LA

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10 Deep Spring Summer Collection

A Few Of My Fave Releases From The Upcoming 10 Deep Collection

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He Really Is an "Unsung Hero"

Chances Are Youve Heard The Name On A Drake/Wale Song
But Chances Also Are That You Have Absolutley No Idea Who He Is
Welp... He Just So Happens 2 Be One Of My Very Favorite Artists
His Live Shows Are Incredible...
Him, His Guitarist, And His Laptop Are A Three Man Band
With Colin Playing Everything From Keys, To Bass...
He Even Plays The Drums.... Standing Up... Left Handed (DIFFICULT)
ALLLLL Whilst Singing

He Produces All Of His Own Music
And His Mixtape Was My Favorite Non Rap Album of 2009
Pay Attention... This Kid Is Nxt Up 2 Bat
Check Out The Vids Underneath And Download His Mixtape
>">>HERE<<< Colin Munroe Is... The Unsung Hero

Colin Munroe Ft Wale- Will I Stay (Rehersal Footage)

Colin Munroe- I Want Those (Flashing Lights)

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Be On The Look Out For... Pro-Keds???

YES i said PRO -Keds....
They Have Bringing Heat Lately...
Quality Materials And Mad Descent Excecution..
The Grey Jawns Are My Fave = )

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Those SB'S cost Near 2 A G Cuhhh

For About 2 Years Now....
The Nike Sb Dunk "Dino' Jr.'s " Are Prolly My Fave Pair Of Sb's
Welp... Nike And The Band Dinosaur Jr. Have RE-Collabed
This Time The Canvas Is The Nike SB Omar Salazar Pro Model
The Gradient Effect On The Leather Is More Pronounced
And The Shoe Is Krispy Clean....

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SORRY =)....
But Im Back On It...

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You Know A Song Is GOOD

When You Buy The SINGLE...
FIVE YEARS AFTER  You Bought The Album...
JUST for the album art lol... yeah i did it....
Best 5 Dollars Ive Ever Spent

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A Day In The Life Of The Makers Of This Here Blog

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This May Be The Best Music Video Ive EVER SEEN

Im A Nerd.. And I Love O.K GO.... So Im Biased

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his n hers 6.0s

Santo only fucks with SBs but i guess since ive never had a pair of dunks i dont really care. these shoes are cool regardless

HIS- Sad Autumn
(brown denim)
Nike 6.0 Dunk High "Sad Autumn"
HERS- Dragon Red
(red denim)
Nike 6.0 WMNS Dunk Hi - Dragon Red

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beauty in the breakdown

everyone needs to get out and LOVE YOUR KICKS TO PIECES...wear your damn shoes and enjoy themjordan VI Beat Up

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Since i havent really been skating...

this cruiser would be mad cool for me

Santa Cruz "Screaming Foot" Cruzer

9.3x32.1 Screaming Foot Right Cruzer
santa cruz deck hypebeast 2 Santa Cruz Screaming Foot Cruzersanta cruz deck hypebeast 4 Santa Cruz Screaming Foot Cruzer


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Nylon Magazine X Nike sportswear dunk

These remind me of when Converse came out with nylon pack of chucks..however they werent a collab nor were they this cool

Nylon Magazine x Nike Sportswear Dunk OrangeNylon Magazine x Nike Sportswear Dunk BlueNylon Magazine x Nike Sportswear Dunk Yellow

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Talk Shit... Get HIt...

     Apparently... 1017 Bricksquad's ( Gucci Mane's
  Crew) incessant Shit Talking of Fellow Rapper  
  Young Jeezy Has Finally Came 2 A Boil... As
  Made Apparent By Wacka Flocka Flame's  
  Nelly Bandaid And Black Eye.....

  You Know What They Say.... 

  Talk Shit... GET HIT

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XXL FRESHMAN 2010!!!! J.Cole, Nipsey And Big Sean WATUP!!!

I STILL HAVE NO CLUE WHY O.J Da Juice Man Is On This Cover

This Is Me And NikTheZombie's 150th post...
( Shout Out 2 That.... )
And Shout Out 2 The 14 People that Actually Read This Shit Lol

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With Age Comes Growth.... A Grown Mans Approach 2 Sneaker Collecting

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Romper Rage!

I come up with some of the LAMEST titles ever but oh well apparently people are reading. I really think that rompers have potential to be the ish this summer. I really want at least one. Here are some that i found in the vintage section of etsy.com (i have a feeling that a lot of yall might not feel me on this one)

positive role model vintage black military romper jumpsuit s mFun Blue and White Vintage Romper Jumpsuit MediumVintage Primary Color Shirt Style Country Girl Romper1980s bright purple snap button down very cool women's JUMPER with elastic waistVintage 1970's Purple Velvet Romper<-- FAV!


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