Honestly speaking, honesty is a lost art in this life.
Its ridiculously apparent in every day life.
But its moreso apparent in music...
why does Lady Gaga's song, sound like Ke$ha's song, which sounds like Katy Perry's song... which just so happens 2 sound like Jason Derulo and Mike Posners Songs??????

Thats Why I Throw Up My Muh Fuckin Jets Sign... FOOOL

SURRREEE artist like Curren$y And Wale "Only" Rap about Sneakers, Loud Packs, And Bitches... 
But when i listen 2 their music, i feel as tho im receiving a litttllle piece of them. not them the artist, but them the person

"Download an Updated NBA roster, Play an 82 game season/ Condo Fulla Snacks SPITTA NOT LEAVIN" - Curren$y

Id MUCH rather hear a nigga rap about playin 2k, than hear a nigga lie about the birds he flips... FOOL

~ Santo ~

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