A Post Without Pictures

I Am Not Happy

Its The Conclusion That I Have Come 2 After A Day's Worth Of Self Loathing
Im Tired Of Life Shiditing On Me
Its Been 19 Years Of Bad Tidings
Dont I Deserve 2 Catch A Break... Just This Once?

Its Weird How One Little Tiny Sentence Long Piece Of Information Can Fuck Up One's ENTIRE mindstate

Im Trying Not 2 Dwell
Because Nothing Good Has Ever Come From Dwelling...

Epic Fail

Idk What 2 Do
My Mind Is Fried
I Just Want 2 Get Drunk
And Listen 2 Music
And Dance
And Skate
And Do Everything Other Than Deal With The Problems At Hand

But I Must
Because If I Dont

Everything Ive Worked So Hard 2 Put 2 Gether
Will Just Be 

I Keep Asking Myself
"What Did I Do 2 Deserve This Depression I Am Constantly Faced With"
I Mean
Im As Nice a Person As I Can Be 2 Everybody
I Pay My Tithes And Offering
I Give 2 The Homeless
Im Always There 2 Lend A Helping Hand
2 The Fallen
Even When I Myself Am Doing Worse
Im Always There For That Extra Bit Of Ecouragement...
I Thought I Was Doing Pretty Well

But TIME after TIME after TIME
Situations Arise That Only Occur 2 Those That Deserve Said Situations
I Dont Get It....
Maybe Its Not Worth The Time
Being The Nice Guy
It Seems 2 Be All For Naught As Of Now


I Think I May
Just May
Be Slowly But Surely Going Insane

Pray For Me

~ Santo ~

P.S..... Go Figure... This Would Be My 100th Post... Yay Me =/

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